Course curriculum

    1. Who is Matt and an introduction to the course

    2. Who is Justin

    1. What is cryptocurrency and how did it all start?

    2. What is blockchain?

    3. Is it too late to get into crypto?

    4. What is Ethereum and why is it important in crypto?

    5. What is Decentralized Finance (DeFi)?

    6. What is the difference between a token and a coin?

    1. What are centralized exchanges and how do they work?

    2. Signing up for centralized exchanges and what is required

    3. How to trade on centralized exchanges?

    4. What are Long and Shorts?

    5. Best practices for security

    1. What is self custodial wallet vs custodial wallet?

    2. How to install Metamask, add blockchains and add tokens.

    3. Best security practices with your hot wallet

    4. Top hot wallets

    1. What is a hardware wallet?

    2. How does hardware wallet differ from a "hot wallet"

    3. Why it is important to use a hardware wallet to protect your crypto holdings?

    4. How to connect your hardware wallet to decentralized (d)apps?

    5. Top hardware wallets to buy

    1. What are decentralized exchanges and how do they work?

    2. How to trade on a decentralized exchange

    3. What are gas fees and how do I track gas fees?

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